With cordiality and a strong sense of responsibility, the team of wedding planner Pangiunìa provides its professionalism, fulfilling the wishes of the bride and groom and helping to achieve the happiest day of their lives.


Strong organizational skills and problem solving are the prerogatives that have allowed the Event managers of Pangiunì to become professionals in the sector, distinguishing themselves in the panorama for creativity and reliability.

“You have just arrived at Pangiunìa, island of woman, of sea and black sands; of ancient rites and poetry, of drums, rhythms, and moonlight dances; an drenched in colours and intense shades; protector of lovers and indulgent of romantics; land of art, sounds, rituals, perfumes and magical weddings; island of narrow streets, of volcanic stone streets, where the rain tastes of yellow spices and the market stalls offer delicious foods and exotic aromas; where the elders organise circle dancing and where the children, before everything, learn to sing. Welcome to Pangiunìa Isola di Eventi“.


Carlotta Panarello:
when she enters the room everything lights up. With her beside you everything seems easier. A wonderful colleague and travelling companion, she is the perfect professional to trust with the organisation of an event of your wedding.

Giuditta Naselli:
when she gets an idea nothing can stop her… especially when she’s on her motorbike. A spirit as curious as her curious shirts. She brings a swing to every event and wedding that she organizes.

Stefania Sesto:
with the eyes and meticulousness of an oriental, the puntuality of a German and warm heart of a Sicilian. She is the invaluable resource of the Pangiunìa team. Without her the ship doesn’t leave the port, while in her hands there’s no risk of shipwreck.


Plan your dream wedding: marriage, honeymoon, holiday.

The perfect combination for your special day.

All in one place: Sicily.

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organization of the wedding from the first contact with the bride and groom until the day of the event, providing every service available


management and control of suppliers during the wedding day


general advice on how and when to schedule the event


creation of your marriage proposal


composition of unpublished music and writing of personalized texts


organization of events, from planning to staging


organization and promotion of cultural events


elegant, rustic or classic, whatever style you want to give to your wedding


an image project on the event starting from the graphic line up to the set-ups and scenographies


Never without them
If you are thinking of organizing a wedding without the girls of Pangiunìa or you are crazy and licensed or you don't have the faintest idea of what awaits you! They are simply excellent professionals, a force of nature individually, a tsunami of efficiency, dynamism and brilliant ideas together. The three musketeers of weddings: one for all and all for you! Always present, attentive, good, beautiful (which does not hurt), elegant, refined and with an immense passion for their work (if it is not yet clear to you we say that "they have wheels" !!). They will be able to realize, in great detail, your every desire and every dream. Be careful of course if you want to do some bullshit, they will tell you just as clearly! But I assure you it's better this way! We organized a fantastic wedding in less than three months and with August in the middle of the worst year ever and with the health emergency. Honestly, we would never have done it without Giuditta, Carlotta and Stefania! Trust and trust them, they are a guarantee of success! They will follow you and take care of every detail: from flowers to gifts for witnesses, from documents to the municipality or in the curia, to the tableau de mariage (which seems easy but in reality it is a nightmare to make the tables and manage the menus). We have learned to know and appreciate them day after day and then - as you will too - we fell madly in love with them. Trust them and stay "carefree" especially on the wedding day. Alternatively, make do!

FrancescoWedding Date: 05/09/2020

The best!
Carlotta, Stefania and Giuditta are now our friends! From the first moment we had faith and we were convinced that everything would be perfect! Living in Switzerland we really needed support in organizing our wedding and they were always present and available, advising us in the best way! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful wedding!
We have received so many compliments!

We will miss you

Raffaele e VanessaWedding Date: 27/06/2019

Dream team

Beautiful and good! Three explosive girls, full of energy and ideas! They accompanied me all the way to marriage with dedication and perseverance without ever being intrusive! Thanks thanks thanks! Without them it wouldn't have been the same!

Carola FerlitoWedding Date: 01/06/2019

Fully satisfied with the service

We found Pangiunia on the Internet and the girls were very quick to respond to our inquiry. For us the biggest challenge was to organize our wedding at a distance, and I can say, in hindsight, that the girls really played a decisive role in the success of the marriage. Without them we would not have been able to organize all the small but important details that make the difference in a wedding.
The girls have always been extremely willing to meet all our requests and have contributed with many really original and cute ideas (for example for wedding favors). The wedding day was perfectly coordinated thanks to their "direction".
Their great attention to detail and the perfectionism and passion they put into their work makes this team unique!

Giulia PinnisiWedding Date: 25/05/2019

Three unique rare pearls

My rare pearls Giuditta, Stefania and Carlotta. I have no words to express my gratitude.All taken care of in detail, choice of church, location, participation, musical group and emotional support. They knew how to make our wedding a fairy tale, perfect as I imagined, as I dreamed of since I was a child. Although living in Northern Italy and only seeing us a few times, they understood me, understood and satisfied in everything! I wish all future brides to have the good fortune to meet special people like them. I don't know how they did it, but with their kindness, art and imagination they captured not only my heart but also my husband's.

Alessandrina MoscatoWedding Date: 27/04/2019

What can I say ... Organize a wedding in 39 days ... With Pangiunìa you can! They have been flawless, precise, sure, determined; they did not leave out even the small details, everything perfect and amazingly organized, from the participation in the church, the priest, the photographer, the catering, the flowers, the wedding rings, the clothes, the location, the paperwork, the wedding favors. If I had to "label" them I would say that they are the girls of the "problem solving", they have solved every difficulty giving us security and serenity, and when 2 days before the event the weather began to distress our peaceful sleep, they did the math as well with him, they managed to find a new location with larger indoor spaces! Highly recommended!

RobertoWedding Date: 29/09/2017


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